In Helo Logistics solutions offers a rattan furniture logistics solution, with import, nventory management, storage and distribution. We can even help with sourcing.
More than decades n the transport industry we are experienced in Rattan Furniture Logistics and installations, Helo Logistics operate wide range logistics services, and together with fully experienced customer services in Rattan Furniture, and with the benefit of transit and liability insurance in place ensure your valuable furniture are safe and secure throughout the complete logistics process.
Our Services:
  • We Offer Exportation / Importation & Consolidation Services
  • Help With Clearance and Customs Paperwork.
  • Devanning, Storage, Inventory Management
  • Distribution and Home Delivery
Helo Logistics is your end-to-end service provider for customized solution in pharmaceutical fulfillment. As the pharmaceuticals sector continues to explode , its multiple customers continue to require deliveries on their demanding schedules. The delicate nature of many pharmaceutical and healthcare goods and concerns about security demand specialized logistics services.
The Helo Logistics Group offers pharmacy fulfillment to drugs companies and their customers including pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers supporting the health care industry, hospitals, and indvidual consumers. We operate in the highest ethical and administrative protocaols.
Our Services:


             Through the optimization of the process chan - ordering from pharma

    Inbound Logistics