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Helo Logistics Halal Logistics solutions helps food manufacturers and distributors transport halal products safely, securely, and in accordance with food

Guarantee the safety and integrity of halal products

Serving more than 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide and an increasing number of non-Muslim consumers, the global halal food market is expected to grow at an estimated rate of 10-20% each year. Halal supply chains include everything from the procurement and preparation of genuine halal ingredients to the manufacturing and delivery of the final product to customer shelves.

When handling halal products, all efforts must be made to ensure their integrity so they can be consumed as per the standards of the Sharia Law and other established guidelines. For example, if halal products come into contact with any haram product during storage and delivery, they may lose their halal certification. Every halal logistics provider must understand:

  • All location-specific quality standards because the rules for handling halal products differ in each country

  • All religious, regulatory and technical requirements for the safe storage and delivery of halal products to the Islamic market

Working with the right partner makes all the difference

Helo Logistics has the knowledge, experience, and connections necessary to serve as your halal products logistics partner. We provide a specific network that guarantees the safety and security of halal-certified products. Other benefits of working with us include:

  • Consistent halal supply chain management

  • Potential to expand sales channels to halal-strict customers

  • Access to a hub for exporting halal products to other Islamic regions, such as the Middle East