Our based knowledge on know how real Indonesia coverage area. Our deep local knowledge to bridging challenging a complex project logistics and big size cargo by international standard logistics design.

Indonesia has more than 16,000 island and 33 province, including 11 big island. Surrounded by 2 ocean. This one of example how important to understanding for project design to deliver precisely, efficiently and safely from to big cities into small village in Indonesia.

Our professional Project team had raise in Indonesia logistics approach by international project logistics experiences standard.



Feasibility Study route project design

Complex nature and specific of each project cargo shipment entails considerable planning and feasibility studies, route and carrier selection, dry runs, mapping, clearances, etc.

Output report Stages are:

  • Feasible study project execution
  • Project Organization
  • Project Plan


Turnkey project Solutions

We offer a comprehensive service package, where customers apprise us of their requirements and we offer a complete array of services required to complete the project. We can handle complete project logistics required for setting up your plant or factory including small machineries, heavy cargo, over-dimensional cargo to massive structures that need to be moved in a single piece.


Heavy Equipment provider

Long range engaged relation with various heavy equipment provider across in Indonesia, drive us to be well known competitive project designer, range type of cranes, cometo, flat bed, low bed, jacking tools etc had spread in main city in Indonesia as our partner, hence we always can keep logistics budget as reliable as should be.


Inland Transportation logistics design

While handling project cargo on road, transportation takes on a completely different dimension. This may stages include civil work construction and repair, obtaining clearance from civic bodies and traffic arrangements. All these have to be anticipated well ahead of the project and made to match the schedules.