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Cikarang Dry Port

Cikarang Dry Port is a public dry port, offering one stop service for cargo handling and a logistics solution for international export and import, domestic distribution, and warehousing. Cikarang Dry Port provides integrated port and logistics facilities for logistics and supply chain players to gather in one place for better coordination and increasing productivity.

As dry port terminal we have our own international port code, IDJBK. Using this code made it possible for export and import to be done directly in Cikarang Dry Port through multimodal transport bill of lading provided by our shipping lines partners. Such services connects Cikarang Dry Port to any ports of call around the world. Customs and Quarantine services available for clearance and any export import formalities in Cikarang Dry Port.

We also provide Logistics Park for modern warehouses complex, including Bonded Logistics Centers for your further logistics needs. With customs facilitation, import taxes and duties would be deferred while commodities stored in Bonded Logistics Center warehouses until bought by local buyers.

Cikarang Dry Port provides rail freight services, connecting Greater Jakarta to Surabaya in East Java. In cooperation with domestic shipping lines we also provide domestic multimodal transport service to any ports of call across the archipelago, combining the rail freight and ocean services.

We developed smart port solution to connect every parties in supply chain over cloud based services. It would streamline the business process and provide efficient electronic data exchange. We also launched MyCDP, our multiplatform application on Android, iOS and web based, to access our services anytime anywhere at your fingertips.