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In telecom sector, we manage widespread activities related to telecom busness needs. Logistics services in telecom sector is mainly needed for - Infrastructure (netork) Development. Our services provided to customers comprises of inbound logistcs, hub or warehouse management and freight management including of unloading / erection of material at sites.



Our Services:

  • Inbound Logistics

Supplier coordination and order management, inbound primary transportation, coordination with supplierand physical help in open case inspection of received materal, locally procured or imports.

  • Outbound Logistics

Hub or warehouse management, pck and pack of material, BOQ audit, inventory management, IT solutions: WMS, periodic inventory audits and freight management.

  • Special Critical Value Added Services

Having worked in telecom sector, we have built an expertise in providing complex and critical activty management and value added services.

  • Dismatling of Product as per Specific Needs

Sub-Assembly of parts, Kitting, Return of inventory management, RS & R (Repair, Sales and Return Activity Management), Multiple level unloading of material at sites and erection.