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HeLo Logistics is your end-to-end service provider for customized solutions in pharmaceutical fulfillment. As the pharmaceuticals sector continues to explode, its multiple customers continue to require deliveries on their demanding schedules. The delicate nature of many pharmaceutical and healthcare goods and concerns about security demand specialized logistics services.

The HeLo Logistics Group offers pharmacy fulfillment to drugs companies and their customers including pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers supporting the health care industry, hospitals, and individual consumers. We operate in the highest ethical and administrative protocols.

Our services:

• Procurement

Through the optimization of the process chain - ordering from pharmaceutical manufacturers, transport and warehousing.

• Inbound Logistics

Supplier coordination and order management, inbound primary transportation, coordination with supplier and physical help in open case inspection of received material, locally procured or imports.

• Warehousing

With a lot of SKUS immediately available nationwide in a broad demand-oriented portfolio, HeLo acts as an "external warehouse" for the pharmacy.

• Delivery

Timely and demand-oriented delivery during the day and during the night, six days a week.

• Returns

Returns include the processing and booking of goods returns from pharmacies as well as the handling of medicines recalls from pharmaceutical industry.